WTS DLO trigger box plus 4 H&K hosts

Location: Wynnewood PA

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DLO trigger box, I bought this direct from Doug installed updated roller sear & trip, function test and put away, brand new unfired.  36K

MP5 SD built by TSC Machine using demilled postie parts kit, gun is factory correct in every way, it has the ultra rare Knights Arm SD suppressor, A3F stock, A2 stock, Trijicon front night site, comes with spare German bolt carrier group complete with recoil rod (these are becoming hard to get as no more are being imported), will include 5 German mags have LEO marked and regular, this is the best SD setup in my opinion built by one of the best factory correct H&K smiths out there Mike Woodward @TSC Machine. Gun & Suppressor are new unfired since conversion 12.5K

MP5 F TSC built using a F parts kit, A3F stock, A2 stock, wide handguard, hard to find Knights Arm forearm/rail system includes 3 rail covers, Trijicon front site, spare German A3 complete bolt carrier group w/recoil rod, will include 5 German mags, also comes with AWC 3 lug suppressor plus many tons of extras like new German extractors & springs, etc. 10.5K  SBR on form 4

MP5K PDW TSC built, gun is still registered as a pistol, has factory correct rear drum site plus Trijicon front night site, TSC machined down the barrel out of my 94 to PDW specs and adds 3 lug, short of finding a factory PDW barrel and paying thousands for it I believe this is the best option, will ship separately German front grip, And B&T stock (also had PDW stock) I prefer he B&T, also  comes with Gemtech MK-9K 3 lug suppressor, will include 5 German mags, mp5k custom range pouch, German semi auto 3 pos C&P housing with extended selector level 10.5K

H&K 53 TSC Machine built from a H&K 93 and 53 parts kit, Factory correct in every way, spare German bolt carrier group, comes with newest A3 stock, newest A2 stock older A3 stock, have 8-10 German mags most still new in bags, German 4 prong flash suppressor plus AAC flash suppressor 53 teeth for their suppressors. SBR form 4 in PA  8.5K

also have Vector RDTS SD built by Jeff @PCS. Jeff reworked the tolerances on the Vector receiver to spec, installed new handguard cage, RDTS German barrel, RDTS HE suppressor, German bolt carrier group with correct SD locking piece, pic rail welded on the complete top of receiver with Eotech XPS3, B&T stock, semi auto German C&P housing. Form 4 in PA 4.5k obo

will not sell DLO trigger box until all hosts are sold, will give a discount if someone wants to buy the whole package plus I have thousands oh H&K extras I’ll throw in. In fact if someone is serious  about making a legitimate offer I’ll throw in my H&K P7M13 comes with 2 mags, is in the very rare KC date coded nickel finish. I bought this gun brand new in 92 it’s mint. Please no tire kickers and no dreamers, this H&K collection took me years to put together, only the best of the best was used and no expenses were spared




















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Areuv is a trustworthy seller. I purchased a sear, mp5k, and mp5f from him almost 4 years ago.  He was 100% on everything on his end. 

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2 minutes ago, mattk said:

Areuv is a trustworthy seller. I purchased a sear, mp5k, and mp5f from him almost 4 years ago.  He was 100% on everything on his end. 

Hey buddy, thank you for the kind words, you can vouch for the quality of the guns you bought back then, these guns are identical, the MP5K and MP5 F are setup exactly like the ones you bought back then. You know I like doing things the right way. But look at your 2 guns compared to the pics and you’ll see they are direct copies  of each other. Thanks again for the kind words.

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Nice collection. Email sent for questions.

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