WTB: Vickers 11mm Balloon gun parts

Location: Boulder City NV

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Vickers 11mm project needs a little help. 

As time goes on I keep getting a little bit closer to acquiring all the parts to fire my balloon gun in 11mm gras. I have the barrel, barrel cup, booster cage, feed block, belt, extractor and now ammo. The belt was custom made out of a .50cal browning belt. The pockets were sewn up for spacing and snug fit. The extractor was demilled by breaking off the feed lips at the bottom half. I have welded this area up, and I’m currently file shaping them back to useable condition. This is slow work but I will get it perfect with time. I do not have a lock with the wide extractor lifting arms. 

I need your help finding a few more pieces. 

An 11mm lock complete would be the best, but to get the project running I need:

The wide extractor lifting arms. 

An intact extractor 

11mm aircraft links. 

That’s it. 

Any help is appreciated. 

Mike Duke

I have lots of stuff for trade or cash if needed.




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