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This ZB26 is a transferable C&R gun, listed in ATF listings of C&R guns.  What makes it C&R is it is an original ZB26, manufactured in what was then called Czechoslovakia. The ATF Form 3 box 3a list the following: CS ZBROJOVKA (and) AS BRNO (and) CZECH.. I fired it one time and put this prize away in my humidity-controlled gun vault. Because the receiver’s markings didn’t photograph well I coped them down and can supply it to the prospective buyer.  Gun comes with ground kit (pictured) magazine, steel box marked BREN 7.92 but holds ZB26 mags (pictured), loader, and Bren tripod (not pictured). Most people don’t know that the British copied the ZB26 in 7.92

caliber.Called it “Bren” and subsequently rechambered it in .303 Brit.  This gun is in very excellent, pristine, unmodified condition.

It is on ATF Form 3.  I do e-forms to your dealer, although if you live in Maine you can get it directly from me.  (Maine residents pay sales tax.)  Price $35,000 firm. BTW I have been a recommended dealer on Tom Bowers Subguns board since 2001,

If interested call me daily between 9AM and 9PM Eastern at (207) 476-0000, or email me at


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