If you believe in the "deep state and the global warming scam ur a terrorist


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What a load of f-ing bullshit. So now the DOJ are utilizing the the jack boots assholes from the FBI to effect arrests for thought crimes. They have now figured out a way to silence anyone who believes in, "deep state" theories, the global warming  scam etc.

They just label you a "domestic terrorist." I'm not making this up, it's in  a recent FBI report, no doubt under the leadership of that fxck face deep state liar Comey!

No I'll tell you what they are working towards, anyone who considers themselves an American Patriot, a Nationalist, a conservative will be now be considered an enemy of the Republic, to real democracy, at least the way the deep state actors see democracy. 

So now you can be arrested or surveilled once labeled a "domestic Terrorist", while shitzlamic, goat banging terrorists are among us here in the homeland plotting new atrocities.

They have free rein, no labels, no restrictions, no arrests. That would be racist...right?

Who's next believers in Bigfoot, Aliens at area 51.

The DOJ needs to be swept clean of all the blue gummed Messiah's minions.




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That is totally correct, if you do not 100% believe every word they speak, You are a Traitor to their party.

This whole "new green deal" is not about carbon emissions, it is about them controlling the economy and Not for the good of the people (the tax payers). It is only good for Dems who want to control pretty much every aspect of your lives and they will take all they can get.

Watching Jay Inslee from WA state is a JOKE, that guy should not even be on that stage, let alone running anything GVT involved.

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NOW, you know why "they" stuffed the PATRIOT ACT DOWN YOUR THROATS don't cha?  non of the above could work without it.  in 8 years or so maybe we will know how many days MR OTT spent at the FBI training camp

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