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Scumbag Indian scammers have begun spoofing Capital One's customer service number. Possibly with info stolen from the latest data breach. I got my first scam call today concerning my Spark Business card, i was not available to answer, so I never spoke with anyone. 

First dead give away, no message was left. Customer service would never call and NOT leave a message. 

If you DO receive a call and they ask you to verify your account with a SS number, hang up it's a scam.

Yes, the legitimate customer service of Cap One uses your SS number to verify your account, but only when you call them, not when they call you.

After calling Cap One business customer service today they verified what I suspected, the filthy stinking indian scum scammers are at it again!

Be aware.




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As always, we appreciate the Heads Up on stuff like this. Scammers suck and I hope some Bad Karma is headed their way!

Or maybe they are already living the Bad Karma Dream, I really hope so, they deserve it.....

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MY EMPATHY IS GETTING MORE SELECTIVE THE MORE I HEAR , in the fifth grade I was sent to detention hall for a week  because during history class I made the statement even though he was a complete jerk, SOME of HITLERS IDEA'S were not so bad. the punishment made me never forget it and all these idiotic minorities show just cause. wish I could have a chat with that teacher now and see what he thinks

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