M249 Ultra rare SAW M192 Tripod and MK46 Select fire trigger group and M240 select fire trigger group, spare parts, barrels, Stocks, accessories, Tripods M192

Location: BOONE

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Rarely seen M249/MK46 Select fire SEMI and AUTO trigger group, Available limited production military spec contractor Produces M249 or MK 46 Select fire  3 position trigger group

over 100,000 rnds tested, 17 patents, In use by Military organizations,Government contractor produces 

850.00 plus 10.00 shipping.

M249 Auto Fire control parts sets available, Inquire, all new 1850.00 per set complete

M192 SAW tripods, in excellent condition complete 975.00

FN M249 new  Extractor repair 4 part kit 65.00

FN M249/MK46 Collapsible lightweight stock, with interchangeable ccheek rest included , 5 positions adjustability. new condition in wrap 300.00 plus 10.00 shipping,

M240 Select fire Trigger group, new very rare, 3 positions,Safe , Semi and Auto 800.00

M240L Short Commando barrel, 17.7  useable on Semi 240SLR new with Voretex flash hider,600.00

M249/MK46/MK48 Bipod New type, Round leg adjustable heavy duty Military issue Upgrade, Improved Bipod, new in wrap, 125.00

M249 Front rail system,replaces plastic handguard,3 rails, used with new type improved bipod  includes KAC front grip and panel covers, new in the box 165.00

,M249 Front grip for rail, Issue looks like rear grip 75.00

M249 Short barrels, used exc. 285.00

M249 Standard barrels, used exc. 325.00

M249 Front handguard new 75.00

<M249 Gas tube new, type Mk46 long life all chromes inside 200.00

M249 Standard bipod new 75.00

M249 recoil spring nnew 40.00

M249 Ejector and spring 60.00

M249 2nd gen Savit 5 Position stock, As new `150.00

M249 Recoil guide riod assembly, new 175.00

M249 Rear tripod adapter, new, 75.00

M249 or M240 front tripod Pintle, as new 85.00

M249 Rail optics,top covers, new, 275.00

M249 Barrel heat shields, new 75.00

M249 Elcan M145C  Machine Gun Optic, Designed for M249 and M240 with killflash, laser eye filter, Rubber covers and padded Camo pouch, 2 only, The real correct optic for the SAW or M240.new  only 725.00  (Retails for 1250.00)

M249 RARE Lightweight Tall stock cheek rest 75.00

M249 Hydraulic Fixed stock, exc. complete like new 140.00   (Midwest Gun parts sells for 768.00)

M249 para barrel blank adapter, new 45.00  long barrel 40.00

M249 Feed trays 125.00 new,

M249 Trigger group Full auto 650.00

M240 Blank adapter, 45.00  for short barrel, 55.00

DIRECT EMAIL ONLY GPrue8@aol.com or call text  828-773-1938

Alpine Military Concepts



a m249 select.jpg

a m249 select lg.jpg

2 249 short new type bbls.jpg

145 elcan.jpg

240 short bbl.jpg

249 para adapter170813_095302_resized.jpg

249 improved bipod.jpg

249 new type stock open.jpg

249 ranger stock.jpg

a 249 fixed stock_resized.jpg

acnew 249 para and fixed stock.jpg

image1 (3).jpeg

tripod m192.jpg

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Message sent regarding the elcan 

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I’d like to buy an Elcan M145 if you have one left.

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Spelling correction

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I want the M145 Elcan if still available.

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updated with added items and pics andSAW  tripods

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Any select fire lowers 

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