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Looking for recommendations for an engraving machine for a small Class 2 shop. Will be used for suppressor tubes and SBR(s). I know "you get" what you pay for, but they only manufacture and engrave 20 to 30 items a year. 

Thanks in advance.


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I am also a Class 2 SOT.  I use the Ghost Gunner Defense Distributed's CNC machine to mill out 80% lowers.  They provided another set of code to enable me to engrave my FFL information on the lowers to be compliant with marking regulations.  This is a small machine and works very well on milling out the lowers, and with the proper bits, was able to engrave a pretty detailed logo for my company.  Here is their link!  Great product, but took a bit for mine to come in as they were in the middle of their lawsuits.

I hope this helps, but regardless keep me informed which way you go...



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I have a new Hermes engraveograph that I use. It takes some skill but it gets the job done. 

You need to be able to fix and repair it. there's no parts made for these old machines anymore. 


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