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New from Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC, above and beyond a customer's request:

Atlas rifle bipods have three different tension knob types, depending upon when they were produced. There is a $40 tool available for each of the three variants.

We have just developed a singular tool that works for all three knob geometries and also includes a pusher pin on one end for pressing in the bipod foot removal detents for cleaning and maintenance.

Some shooters own at least two different Atlas bipod variants and don't like buying two different $40 tools. We have solved this problem and added the detent pusher pin feature, all at the $35 price point. One tool does it all! First class shipping with tracking is included.

You can see the rest of our product line and contact us via our email address at

Don't like the corporate markings on our tools? We'd be happy to custom make them for you with markings that suit your needs.

Atlas Bipod Tool.jpg

Detent 1.jpg

Detent 2.jpg

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