Dozens of no letter post samples $900 and up

Location: Denham Springs

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Selling off some no letter post samples in my inventory. These are all conversion built in house with most of the guns being test fired only.

AR DIAS $1000

AR-15 Conversions complete guns with uppers $1000

Hungarian AKM or Underfolder on Morrissey receiver $2000

VZ61 built on new receiver with stock $2500

Uzi 9mm built on McKay Receiver (Blocking bar/barrel ring removed) wtih 3 lugged barrel $2000

Galil ARM or SAR built on Tortort Receiver $2500

Various HK Packs $900

SilencerCo Maxim DIAS $1000

10/22 with Registered Open Bolt $2000

Glock 22 with DIAS $2000

CZEVO with DIAS $3500

PS90 with DIAS $3000

Sten MK3 $1500

MCX $2000

DPM reweld $3500

Will trade for Pre-May or Transferable MG's 
Will do bulk pricing

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AK's gone
Glock gone
HK Packs gone
Uzi's gone

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