WTS: Micro Uzi with Trident 9 Suppressor

Location: Warrendale, PA.

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WTS: Micro Uzi in 9mm with SWR Trident 9 suppressor.  This is an Action Arms imported I.M.I. Micro Uzi pistol that was converted to a machine gun by Weapons Specialties, Phoenix, AZ.  An after market side folding stock has been welded to the rear of the pistol receiver making for a very compact package.  The barrel is threaded for the suppressor and comes with a matching thread protector.  Overall condition is very good, unknown round count.  Package comes with 10 32 round Uzi magazines and a de-milled Israeli Micro Uzi side folding stock.  The Uzi and suppressor are currently on my books and will transfer to your Dealer on a eForms-filed Form 3.  PA residents can purchase these items directly on 2 Form 4 transfers (2 NFA Tax stamps).  Seller reserves the right to pull this ad if these items sell locally.

Price is $19,750.00 + S/I












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Note:  This is a Registered Receiver machine gun, NOT a registered bolt!

Questions? PM me at:

Thanks for looking!

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Will consider splitting suppressor off the deal.

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