Transferable M2 Carbine, Select-Fire Machinegun

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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PLAINFIELD MACHINE CO, MACHINE GUN, .30 CARBINE.  (NFA, Title II, Class III weapon). $9,000. (+ $100 Shipping)


Carbine, Cal .30, M2 , Meticulously Maintained And Well Loved; Recently Re-Parkerized; Excellent Condition.  Full-auto capability was incorporated into the design of the M2 (an improved, select-fire version of the M1). The M2 featured the late M1 improvements to the rear sight, addition of a bayonet lug, and other minor changes.


Accessories: Includes everything in picture:  3 Fifteen-Round Steel Magazines; Original M2 Wood Stock; Paratrooper Stock; Parkarized Steel Vented Hanguard; M2 Carbine Fleece Lined Case Dated 1944 OD; M2 Carbine Sling OD; M2 Carbine Oiler; M2 Carbine Buttstock-Pouch Marked 1944; M4 Bayonet With M8 Scabbard (Repro); Barrel Band Without Bayonet Lug, Barrel Band With Bayonet Lug (Attached);   Additional Parkerized Front Sight; Gold Colored Dog-Tag With Rifle Serial Number 1752A


ATF Electronic Form 3. The first tax stamp has been paid for! This machinegun is in stock and ready for immediate transfer to your FFL/SOT dealer via E-Form 3. 









m2 WTF.jpg

m2 carbine - Copy.jpg




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