Free health care for illegal "dirt" people...


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Yep, that's what the demo-rat candidates are promising their base. FREE SHIT FOR EVERYONE!!! And guess who gets to pay for this pie in the sky b.s.? Take a trip into the bathroom and look in the mirror. That's who's paying.

So what do you like or hate more.

President Trump or paying to support scum of the earth illegals?

Think about that when you cast your vote in 2020.

And this is just the beginning, wait until you read the entire platform of these asshat demo-rat candidates!!

Like your guns, you can keep your guns sayest the blue gummed, light bright, almost white I'm not gay Cory Booker

SURPRISE, just kidding, you lose those too if you vote demo-rat.




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I wish it was as easy as simply "educating" the voters as to their ploy:

The Dems are all on the same page, pushing their "extreme agenda" to the point of where it is already at. As you mention, "FREE SHIT FOR EVERYONE!!! " This way they can pull back a little and they will not look So Extreme. Ask for 10 LBS of tax payer flesh and when they get 6 LBS worth, they have won, it's that simple. Because next time (and there will be a next go around) they will ask for 15 LBS + the Green Deal.

They will not stop and the Republicans don't seem to be organized enough to do anything about it.

I live in Portland, Oregon and while my wife and I were down in Eugene for the Garth Brooks concert this weekend, downtown Portland was being ran by ANTIFA and the Cops were "ordered" to stand down. We were watching the news when we got back to see what happened, no surprise, Portland made the BIG news - again.... and for all the wrong reasons. The Mayor sides with the left and the taxpayers are left out in the cold. Stay out of downtown, we are having protests!

Just look at what O'Dork was spewing in Mexico this weekend, America is to blame for all that is wrong in the world, including Global Warming, what a Dork. The major problem with this shit is, once it is out there on the news, it is listened to and people start to believe this shit. keep it out of the news..... Rant off

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