WTS: AN-M8 & M18 Smoke Grenades Red, Violet, & White (Lot of 4) REDUCED PRICE!

Location: Antioch, IL

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*+*+*+*If You text me that you want to buy them NOW. I will text back my Paypal Email and

if you pay right away you can have the deal Shipped for $208 Total *+*+*+*


(They will ship Tuesday or Wednesday because I have to get a ride to UPS which is a ways from me).

Had a car but gave it to my ex because she needed it more than I do...

I have two AN-M8 White Smoke Grenades, one is in decent shape with original writing on it and the tube it came in.

The second White AN-M8 looks like it was re-painted and had a pre-school kid put the writing on it, no container for the second one.

One Violet M18 Smoke Grenade with all the writing worn off of it and the fuse, otherwise it looks good, no container for this one.

One Red M18 Smoke Grenade with all the writing intact including the Warning on the back side. Looks good, no container for this one.

The one White M8 & Red M18 have their M201A1 Fuzes clearly labeled and the other two had theirs totally worn off. 

All Four Smoke Grenades look to be Active as originally made. But because of the nature of the product they will be shipped Ground to lower 

48 as ORM-D Hazardous Materials to States where they are legal to possess ONLY! AND They are sold As-Is, no returns.

 4 Smoke Grenades for $200 + $40 shipping  (I believe there is a $30 Hazardous Materials Fee)? 

You are getting these for $50 each Plus Shipping. I have seen some fool trying to sell a used, empty one for

almost double what I am asking for the real live deal! So don't wait too long, I have seen live ones on the

G.B. Auction site and they are ALL listed for OVER $100 each!

 Message me with any questions.... 

You can text me at Seven - Seven - Three - 447 - Eight Thousand , Darek  or message me here.

DISCLAIMER: Sold to Adults Only! The Violet & White are more Toxic than the other colors But ALL should be 

Used Outdoors on your own property and people close to the smoke or igniting the Smokes should be wearing Gas Masks.

Use with extreme care!!! Seller will not be liable for Buyers ignorance.

Read all you can about it before you set it off if you are not a collector.

If you are a collector, read up on safe storage and display of these items.


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A Kick up for the month. Do your research online then grab this deal before someone else does! 

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info email 

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54 minutes ago, teakle said:

info email 

ok, am I supposed to guess why you gave me your email address?

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