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WTS: HK G3/91/PTR, & AR-9,AR15, M14 50rd Drums $200+

Location: SLC, Utah

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We offer quite a few X Products 50 Round Drums for the HK 91/G3/PTR, AR-9MM, AR-15 .223/556 & AR-15 308, M14/M1A .308, and FAL rifles. These are some of the best designed drums that are made from steel & aluminum and are easy to load and unload. We offer a few skeletonized drums, so be sure to check out the listings below.

Order on our website or by phone.

WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494

[HK 91, G3, PTR Drums]

50 Round Drum For HK 91, G3 & PTR Rifles || $249.95 [PICTURED - TOP RIGHT]

50 Round Drum HK 91, G3 & PTR - Skeletonized || $299.95

[AR-15 Drums]

X-15 50 Round Drum AR15, M4, MR556 .223/556- Black || $199.95

X-25 50 Round Drum for AR-15 308 Style Rifles || $269.95

X-15 Skeletonized 50 Round Drum for AR-15 .223/556 - Black || $297.95

X-25 50 Round Drum Skelontized For AR-15 308 Style Rifles || $349.95 [PICTURED - BOTTOM LEFT]

[AR-9MM Drum]

X-9 50 Round Drum Magazine For AR - 9MM || $219.95

[FAL Drum]

FAL 50 Round Drum For 308 Rifles || $269.95

[M14 Drum]

X14 50 Round Drum for M14, M1A .308 Rifles || $269.95


Thanks for looking! Click here to view our website for more of your HK needs.

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