Joe DZ

WTS: Transferable M60E6 with predator pack! $59K

Location: Marietta, Ohio

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I have a Transferable M60E6 for sale that was rebuilt and refinished by Desert Ordnance. The gun has only 207 rounds fired through the gun (in 50 round increments) since I have received it. This gun is a registered Trunnion made by Saco-Lowell Maremont Corp. The Trunnion is perfectly in spec per inspection by Desert Ordnance and runs beautifully. I have also attached photos of several things that come with the gun. One of the items that comes with the gun is a Predator Pack built off of a PRC-113 Radio back pack, V-100 ammo can that fits perfectly into the back pack, Standard Armament 7.62 Feed cute with the correct mounting hardware that attaches to the gun.

I also have an entire kit that can convert the gun to look like an E1 gun, however this spare top cover is an E3 top cover so it is far more reliable in feeding ammunition.

Along with the E6 Kit I have the Danish Military spec triple sear cut op rod, these are very difficult to come across.

The guns comes with 4 Capco boxes as well.


If you are interested please email:

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