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I am working on a Bren rebuild and wondered if anyone happen to have a semi auto parts Kit laying around just to save me the time of making them all. Or direction to anyone that is still making parts, seems all the posts and threads are years old and no one is doing it anymore.



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I am also in for parts 6 sets for me if we can get someone to fab.

I also think the market is deep enough for about 50 M60 semi kits...still waiting for those too..

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For the Bren: Len at Historic Arms (striker fired) was doing semi builds, he did offer builds using your parts. Also Dennis at midwest metal creations (hammer fired) can build your kit, or he did offer welding jigs, and does batches of semi parts when there is enough to run a batch. Dennis is active on the 1919a4 forum. Both vendor options are A+ top notch to deal with

M60- Desert Ord did a run of (stripped) semi m60 receivers, all semi parts were installed you just needed barrel, top cover etc. To make it run, it was about 8k, they might would do another run of them if enough $$ their conversion is more durable then the jrw design.

I would like to find completed semi parts for a rpd, but havent been able to find completed conversion parts alone.


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