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Potential Scammer: samsportingoods


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And since contacting me today he has logged onto the site several times today even as recent as 15 minutes ago, beware:

I think this guy is a scammer.  He messaged me off the Stoner 63 Bipod for sale thread in the Parts section offering to sell me two more at $250 each.  He asked for Paypal payment sent as discrete gift payment (no buyer protection) and the two pics he sent me are identical to two pics from Vito's Only The Best Firearms.

I was original sent an invoice with no business letterhead and the appearance of English as a Second language in his emails made me suspicious.  

Attached invoice
No other stoners item
Let me have a confirmation once payment has been mailed
We also accept Paypal but discreet by gift payment
Thank you
The next email about the Paypal payment routes to a different website than paypaldotcom, its www.paypaldotme/JavienaMeans    I won't click on the actual link I bet it also hacks into regular paypal account to drain it.
I can attach the two bipod pics he sent me but they are identical to Vito's.
Edit:  Texted me direct from (727) 286-2507
IP Search of indicates location as Mountain View, CA
Shows 4/5 reports related to this IP concern abuse, attempting to get employees to buy gift cards in the name of business owner:
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IP search history and phone number added

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