OK aspiring blacksmiths, we got heavy metal OTW...


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Our Anyang HS88 power hammer shipped from Johnson Metalsmithing in Texas today, expected sometime Thursday. Really nice folks there too. Great communication with Steve and his son James. If UR looking for an industrial rated hammer, no play toys here. These Anyang hammers are the real deal. If UR looking to start a blade or tooling business the Anyang 88 is what you want.

Yea, yea I know WTF am I buying ChI-knee for. well the bottom line is there ARE no American, German or Swedish manufacturers in business anyl onger! Anyang is used to forge landing gear for US military helicopters. Believe me if I could have found an American hammer it would be OTW to our shop right now.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought one. Pounding metal on anvils is necessary for finish and lighter work, but you can't beat a power hammer for rough shaping heavy or large items into shape..

They are especially useful if you play with pattern steel projects. Some folks call it pattern steel Damascus, but it really isn't genuine Damascus Not unless you're bloom is wootz steel and UR cookin' up you own batches. If the history of Damascus sounds interesting check youtube under "wootz". Some good video's available.The history of genuine Damascus is a long lost secret only few non Arab smiths have knowledge of today. The recipe of Wootz was a highly guarded secret for centuries. Only recently has the recipe been kinda discovered. Vanadium was the magic ingredient. You look for the rest of the story online.

Gettin' this sob off the truck and into the shop, is not a task I'm looking forward to. Got a 12K lb  forklift coming from a friends crane company to get it off the truck, but final rigging is Johnson bars and ball busting work!



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