Looking to buy several Mortar/Launcher items.......

Location: Tennessee

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Here is a want list of items that I am trying to find. Live/registered pieces are fine, demiled is fine, and just parts and pieces are fine. Only looking to purchase items that are currently within the United States, so no overseas offers please. I'm not on the board that often, so please do not post replies or IM/PM me.......just email me directly at armament@live.com

Please let me know what you have off the following list:

7.62mm M134 mini-gun
20mm M61 Vulcan
40mm Mk19 grenade launcher
60mm M224 mortar
60mm M19 mortar
81mm M252 mortar
81mm M29 mortar
4.2" M30 mortar
120mm M120 mortar
83mm Mk153 SMAW launcher
84mm M2/M3 Carl Gustav
90mm M67 recoilless rifle
M47 Dragon missile launcher
TOW missile launcher
M43 Redeye missile
FIM-92 Stinger missile
FGM-148 Javelin missile


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Marshall, I have live (registered) WW2 vintage 60mm and 81mm mortars and I've been thinking about selling them.  I have many practice projectiles for each. Both shoot fine (what's to break?).

If you're seriously interested, I'll start doing market research on values.

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