Josey Wales

WTB: SPUHR 40mm GL sight/mount

Location: Nevada

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Looking to buy one of the SPUHR 40mm GL sight/mounts that fits on an M16/M4 flat top. There are different models, ideally I want one of each type. You can pretty much name your price.

I'll say this though, be someone who's well known in the community, FFL etc., or whose bona fides can be checked out, I'm not sending money to Joe Blow who says he says "I have one, send me the money". I have a reputation that can be verified on GB, if you don't, be prepared to send it on approval.You WILL get your money.

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I tried buying one for years, & finally gave up. The problem is the Swedish government says LEO & Military only. I even tried to get the optic that Milkor mounts on their rotary. That might actually happen now they released a few launchers.

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