Time for Wayne LaPierre to resign...


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If the latest reports and documents are true and authentic. Renting an apartment for his hootchie momma, doesn't exactly fit into philanthropic mission or image of a non-profit org. As sad as it is to have to say it.

This guy's expiration date has come and gone. If true this less than honest behavior is a disgrace to the members and the organization.

For the good of gun owners, the second amendment and the NRA, IMO Wayne La Pierre should resign immediately.

Years of hard work and accomplishments out the window with a few stupid acts of deception and misappropriation of funds.

Time to go Wayne La Pierre. 

Bye, bye.




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I understand who the NRA is fighting. Never liked reading the magazine & seeing a bunch of expensive suits. I went to a NRA breakfast yesterday morning, not a suit in the room.

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