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Question about Sterling L2A3 Kit Build (Post-Sample)


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Good Evening Folks,

I've been lusting after a Sterling for a while now and I've finely decided to build one. Before I journey down the rabbit hole, I thought I would ask the sage advice from the community here.  My understanding is there are no more saw cut kits allowed. Not having very much welding experience, can one still do a re-weld on the torched kits? Am I better off getting an 80% Sterling tube and finishing that out? I'm just trying to figure out if I'm getting into a project beyond my technical abilities. If I wanted to send the work to someone more competent than I, what portion would I need to finish myself in order to be the one filing the Form 2? Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Analyzing ATF rulings can be a challenge and to be safe on my end, I believe ANY parts kit sold or traded must be destroyed at the standards in effect at the time it is offered. which means any saw cut firearm kit, must be torched and the full 1/4" + removed from "all" the pieces BEFORE it is even offered for sale.  Many others take a different view and single saw cut MG's etc are openly traded. back in the 80's an individual selling single saw cut Thompson kits was convicted and the facts are well known in that case. Also I do know of a case involving a Russian cannon. it had been cut and approved several years prior to its sale. it was purchased, shipped along with a copy of the approval  and when it arrived the buyer was charged with possession of an unregistered DD because it was not done to the level in effect when sold. he was prosecuted and found guilty. SO my contention is, any saw cut sterling would be a violation if traded. several good running Sterlings have been built using the so called 80% Sten tubes and you might be able to get one of those for your build. I have seen a few built with "overlapping" pieces , but they were all very noticeable with crude results. GOD help us but I am sure one of the "other's" will find this thread and opinions will flow unabated, needless to say you will need to reach your own conclusion. JUST BE CAREFULL !  cheers and enjoy  MIKE

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