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1080 rounds M1 Carbine Lake City 1972 original US issue $699 shipped

Location: Ellisville, MS

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Vietnam era Lake City ammo full ammo can 1080 rounds of original mint Lake City .30 carbine head stamped 1972 in (9) original green cotton bandolier. This ammo has been sitting around for all these years in climate controlled storage.* Lot numbers may vary but match to the can. Cans do have some exterior rust but ammo inside is perfect as described.

Government issued ammo from this era is becoming very scarce.  This is an excellent opportunity to invest in some ammo that will literally double in value over the next few years as more collectors enter the market.  Hopefully you will buy this to collect but if you do shoot it this is the best carbine ammo you can find.


New old stock in excellent condition. No corrosion, no problems or issues. Cardboard sleeves are perfect. Not bent soiled or frayed. Same condition as issued in 1972.

What you get:

  • One full ammo box with (9) green cotton bandolier's of 120 rounds each.  Total 1080 rounds.


  • Each bandoleer has one black safety pin with six individual pockets that hold two (10) round stripper clips with ammo on clips inside a cardboard sleeve


  • 12 stripper clips with integral loader spoon in first pocket


These are extremely collectible add one or more to your collection today! This ammo is tough to find in original condition as issued and is a solid investment for your collection.

$699 shipped to any cont US. *Quantity discounts available. Must be 21 years or older. *Paypal FF no add charge. *PP to seller 3% more. *CC 3% more. *USPS MO. *All checks 7 day hold.









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