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It has been a long time since visiting here. 

It appears I am unable to list an item for sale. 

How does one go about doing so? Is there now a fee? Must my account be upgraded?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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The info you seek is just SIX posts above yours ........ pays to ...... look around ......



I only accept  PAYPAL  ZELLE or US Postal Money Orders.

Paypal / ZELLE  Required within 24 hours / US Postal Money Orders Required within 5 days

Email me DIRECTLY at   buddyhinton@hotmail.com

NO PM's or IM's 

Main Link to My Picture Albums >>  http://www.sturmgewehr.com/bhinton/

" Life's Tough ..... it's even Tougher if you're Stupid "

" My gun is not illegal .... it's just undocumented !  "

" Is calling an illegal alien an " undocumented immigrant " like calling a drug dealer an Unlicensed Pharmacist ? "


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