Moved to auction: $12,500 Transferable Sterling MkIV on a Wilson Sten Tube

Location: Louisville, KY

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$12,500 and I pay your first stamp and shipping
As per forum rules, listing is now inactive due to parallel auction listing. 
Wilson Sten tube built as a Sterling MkIV, on a Form 4 in Kentucky. The Form 4 lists the model as "Sterling MK4 (Sten Tube)" 

This SMG is in great condition--it's been owned by our family since 2007 and probably only fired about 500 rounds in that time. Runs flawlessly.

Finish is a durable crinkle coat, looks to be over parkerizing. Finish is 90-95% with some "safe wear" knicks. 

Barrel is original British and in great shape--sharp lands and grooves, tons of life. (for the extra eagle-eyed, an IMA barrel is installed for the photos. The Sterling will ship with the original barrel). 

This will ship with one original 34 round magazine, parkerized, either a like-new or very well refinished "commercial model" magazine. Additional good-very good magazines available at additional cost. 

Stock lockup is a little finicky. Not sure if it's user error or if the back cap needs to be tweaked. Perhaps the more knowledgable Sterling aficionados can spot a solution.

I have two MkIV kits (one IMA barrel to go with them), along with about 20-30 magazines (20 commercial type, 10 military type). These are available to the buyer at additional cost.


I have not sold on this forum often, but have a well established buying and selling history elsewhere, including NFA items. My username on Gunbroker, FalFiles, AKfiles, and AR15.com are all the same as my username here. No negative feedback for any of them. 

I'm always happy to pick up the phone and discuss with interested parties.

The local dealer who transferred this to us is still in business and available as a reference if needed (Steve Herberth of Falcon Defense Group).


I pay the first tax stamp if you're out of state!

Payment: Due with submission of the first Form 4. I do not accept credit cards. I do accept all other standard payment methods. 

Insured shipping covered by the seller.


I am potentially interested in non-NFA Trades:

HK Pistols, particularly a MK23 or P7 

Sig P210 in 9mm (Swiss, not SIG USA)

Swiss Schmidt-Rubin variants, especially ZfK55










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Price Drop

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Price dropped to $14,000


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Down to $13,000


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can you email me with your phone #? 

Roger w/ RCM Limited


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