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WTS: Pre-86 Dealer Samples & Transferable

Location: Jonathan @ Sienna Armory in Missouri City - Texas

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I have some very nice Pre-86 Dealer Sample machine guns and ONE (1) Transferable machine gun available for sale.

All of these machine guns are on FORM 3's and ready to eFile.

Prices are negotiable and we can work out a deal on multiple guns.  I am also happy to entertain trades for other NFA weapons or rare Colt revolvers or pistols. 

Pre-86 Dealer Samples:

  • Heckler & Koch, HK53, 5.56mm, very good to excellent condition with 0-1-25 trigger pack and one (1) 40rd H&K mag - $11,500
  • Heckler & Koch, HK53, 5.56mm, like-new / as-new condition with 4-position trigger pack and one (1) 40rd H&K mag - $12,000
  • Heckler & Koch, MP5, 9mm, excellent condition with Navy pack and KAC rail, A3 stock, and one (1) 30rd H&K mag - $12,500
  • Saco-Lowell, M37 (1919), .30-06, excellent condition, includes tripod and T&E - $11,000


  • Vector registered-receiver full-size Uzi, 9mm, excellent condition, with one (1) 25rd mag - $12,500

Please call me at 281-467-5424 or email me at / PM me here.









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