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FRAUD ALERT--Scammer Matthew Hollinger From Texas Black Rifle Company


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This is my first post.  If I am in the wrong forum or have improperly posted I would appreciate someone letting me know so I can correct the error.

 I recently purchased a S&W 76 with an extra suppressed barrel on line from The Texas Black Rifle Company.  The person handling the transaction at The Black Rifle Company was Matthew Hollinger who is listed as the chief Operations Officer.  I was able to speak by phone  and Email to Matthew Hollinger when the sale started.  After full payment had been sent by me and received by Black Rifle the excuses and delays started.  Soon after this Matthew stopped answering calls and Emails then the phone was disconnected.  I have been in touch with the Texas Attorney Generals Office, the Sheriffs Office, and a Texas attorney.  If anyone has any information about Matthew Hollinger and Texas Black Rifle that may help me I sure would  appreciate it.     The email he used was  matt@tbrci.com                    phone number was 361 594 4100

Thanks Klayton  

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tbrci.com looks like it's offline and the domain name is now parked at GoDaddy. Also from some internet searching the company looks to be out of business - https://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/a3do9c/texas_black_rifle_company_out_of_business/ - https://www.ar15.com/forums/Handguns/Texas-Black-Rifle-Company-Glock-Comp-/13-186135/

Doesn't look good but I'll be hoping it wasn't all just a scam to get $$ out of you before he went bankrupt, fled the country or whatever happened to him.

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