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Browning 1917 30-06 New barrel and .308 low round count

Location: Ellisville, MS

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Sold my 1917 so I have these two barrels available.  Bought from Greaser on a few years ago. I have one unfired 30-06 barrel $150 and one fired but low round count .308 $100 SOLD.  I measured the muzzle and it gauges the same as the unfired one but the gauge fits a little tighter on the unfired one.  Shipping $15 each or $25 if you want both.  I take PP FF, CC 3% more and USPS MO, checks, etc.

33397179668_a18d36ad1d_k.jpgIMG_3857 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

47220893472_17a3fe32cf_k.jpgIMG_3856 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

32331055277_5f3243e929_k.jpgIMG_3863 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

32331060447_46832dde1a_k.jpgIMG_3862 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

47272942681_536a7323bd_k.jpgIMG_3861 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

47272943791_ed89976160_k.jpgIMG_3860 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

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