Rex Tyson

Suppressors (NIB) FS/FT below cost form 3

Location: Lexington,KY

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I have several cans I would like to sell or trade. These are below dealer cost. All are new in the box and transfer on form 3. I would like to trade towards a Pre sample UZI or other machineguns. Let me know what you have. I have others that I can add or trade and sell up or down. There is some good stuff here, you will do well on these!

Contact me at or 859-361-9444


Rex Tyson

Kentucky Firearms


Sico Hybrid $625

Rugged Surge $750

4- Sico Omega $700

Dead Air Sandman Ti $550

2-AAC SR7 $500

Sico Specwar 556 $450

2- Sico Saker 556 $525

Sico Osprey 45 $575

2-Sico Octane 45 $585

2_AAC Tirant 45 $515

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