Fraud Alert: 

By garysgun in Wanted to Buy,
I had wanted “Baikal  IZH46M Russian Pellet Pistol” listed on the forum. I got an offer to sell one to me at $220 shipped which is what they sold for years ago. So I said yes and sent the Paypal money to him as a friend and got screwed!!!!  Beware of this crooked person.  is his e-mail His friends name is  Chisom Ogbonna.       His paypal is    May they both BURN IN HELL!!!!!       He also hi-jacked someone else’s pictures from the internet and sent them to me.     Here is my posting below. I would like to buy a  Baikal Izh-46M .177 pellet pistol  which is made in Russia.  E-mail direct   Thanks Gary M.
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