WTB Stock for my 1942 Savage M1 Thompson without reinforcing bolt

Location: Pennsylvania

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I need a stock for the gun below. The gun presently has a stock with a reinforcing bolt.

One of the first early 1942 Savage manufactured M1 Thompson Sub-machine Gun with matching serial numbers 22XXX.  According to literature his weapon was manufactured during the first week of July 1942, the first month of Savage M1 production. The gun is within a few numbers from the one given to General George Patton (21914).  The trigger frame serial number on this Thompson matches the receiver and there is a correct “S” stamped on the trigger housing. We cannot find any indication of any ordinance rebuild. We believe the gun is all original and contains 99 percent of the original finish. The gun is museum quality. It features the unprotected, early style Lyman “L” sight, a floating firing pin and M1 bolt that is correct for this serial number. 


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