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After seeing a publication online called Defense One, I thought I'd subscribe. Being interested in all things military after growing up on various bases and posts in my youth.

BIG mistake friends!! 

The title is totally misleading. Defense One is owned by the same people that own The Atlantic, it's parent lefty commie propaganda rag.

I wrote to the editor, Brad Peniston, and to his credit, he returned my email. After that is when the truth took a hard left  unfortunately. He tried, unsuccessfully to convince me that Defense One had no political leanings, one way or the other. Politically neutral, he said. Total Bullshit I say.

I did some research and discovered that for one thing, The Atlantic publicly supported the "HildaBeast" in 2016, and made campaign contributions to this filthy skank.

Don't be fooled by the org name.Defense One is no friend to conservatives or gun owners.

I've since unsubscribed to this lefty, chameleon publication.




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