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Ok I've been holding my tongue on this one for quite a while. I'm sure some will not approve and some will agree. Being able to express ones opinion is one of the most important right we as Americans possess, free speech. And the right to free speech is under constant attack by the liberal mental defectives in this country right now. Aided by the fake news networks their adverting subsidiaries and supported by the liberal element in our government ...AND dark forces hiding in the shadows of high government.

I'm curious what goes on in other areas of the country concerning this devious type of advertising,  more accurately classified as anti white, traditional, straight conservative male propaganda. Do you see this too in your part of the country? We're 45 minutes from Wash D.C.,  in what once was rural Virginia. It's now being over run by liberal democrats, milf mommies with cuck husbands. Most are dem gov workers.

Bringing with them  their anti gun, anti hunting, soy boy husbands and ill behaved rug rats.

You see it every day. 90% of advertising on TV represented by certain ethnic or racial groups , other than white,which comprise less than 15% of the population in the USA. How representative or fair is that to the MAJORITY of legal WHITE conservative mainstream American citizens?

This year Christmas advertising was the worst I've ever seen.

Homosexual couples exchanging Christmas jewelry gifts, black males making white men look like cucks in front of their wives, the list goes on and on. And NONE of this orchestrated propaganda is mainstream every day American life. Certainly not behavior by the majority of Americans anyway. It's contrived propaganda, making you believe THIS is normal everyday life. It certainly is not.

So why are these advertisers ramming this alternate lifestyle b.s. down our throats?

Not very fair or representative in my book, and it's quite by design aided by New World financiers and the ultra liberal element worldwide.

IMO the life bar for everything in America has traditionally been high for most things,industry, higher education, mechanical skills, competitive sports etc.

The rising stars rise and those that cannot attain these same lofty goals, sink to their appropriate level of competence and skill set in life. That is evolution, that is life.

Everyone should NOT get a gold star or a participation trophy or be encouraged that they are just as good as the best...That's total bullshit. Some are talented, some are less talented. What happened to true competition in life? What's the incentive to excel when you're indoctrinated by liberal school teachers to believe to you're all the same? 

Back to targeted advertising. There is a WAR on white, conservative males in this country. To be masculine has a negative connotation today. WTF is "toxic masculinity", this is buxllsxit! It exists in the minds of the weakest. Those that cannot compete. It is a mental lowering of the bar.

What a load of non-sense. That fly's in the face of nature and the evolution of man which has been around a lot longer than these liberals soy boy freaks and their undecided gender pals.

Young men, don't raise your sons to be anything less than the males they were born to be. It IS ok to be male and act male, to be strong, to chase after females, to be traditional husbands as head of your households. That's right HEAD. There can't be two captains on a ship, and there can't be two heads of a household. Reinforce the traditional role of a father, being strong physically, being resolute, being decisive and not allowing the ridiculous ideas by the minority of weaker liberal outcasts redefine your maleness.

The liberals are trying their best through advertising and utilizing a head on, in your face campaign attempt to rewrite the book of traditional Judeo Christian  values for mankind.



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Well, unfortunately have you driven around much lately?  Ads are regional, and in your region what you see in advertising is a reflection of the demographics of your area.  No one runs ads tailored to sell the three of you in the DC metro area product.    I don't see those same ads where I live. 

As I see it there are two types of law, man made law and natural law.  As a society.....not me or obviously you either, it's no longer assumed that natural law comes first and man made law should coincide, not contradict natural law.    Men are no longer men and two women can now somehow create a child......effectively violating natural  law?  People step off the curb into moving traffic assuming white paint (man made law) will bring a large vehicle to a quick stop?  Frankly I am tired of buying bumpers in bulk lots since I assumed they would eventually learn?  I now have learned liberals have no interest in learning and the smarter ones send the others off the curb first, but the few smart ones do seem to know I can't afford an endless supply of bumpers and car washes and I've learned to travel a different path.  Most of the guys like me have now been trained to stop at the paint.  

You have to either start buying bumpers or like many of us, we've moved on and travel a different path since the zombie army seems destined to grow. 

Most of us here like the Trumpster....he's a guy that can afford a LOT of bumpers!   The other night it looked like chuck and nancy got hit in the crosswalk, then backed up and run over again.   Fences follow natural law, which is why all the smart liberals have them and the other liberals are on the outside looking in, but like the cow looking thru the barbed wire they aren't smart enough to know which side of the fence they are on?



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