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WTS: CMMG 7.3" 9mm upper complete $500

Location: Mancelona, MI

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1 CMMG 7.3" 9mm upper with rail. Retail $649.99 
M7 9mm MedCon Upper. Mil-Spec A3 Receiver. 4140 W.A.S.P. Barrel with 1:10 twist. Ramped 9mm Bolt uses a standard AR-15 or M16 hammer. Do not use with the dedicated 9mm hammer. CMMG K4 4-rail handguard. "F" marked front sight.
1 Spikes 9mm mag block Retail $149.99 
Spikes Tactical Enhanced 9mm Magazine Block. The ST-EMB's 1pc. Design is Reliable, Adjustable, and Affordable. The ST-EMB is Compatible with the following 9mm magazines: -Spike's Tactical/Metalform -Metalform -Modified Uzi -ProMags -Colt/Metalform -Beta-C drums -Cproducts Adjustability: -The ST-EMB features an extra wide mag catch slot that allows the user to adjust the magwell block up and down so the feed ramp can be positioned perfectly every time. -New Patent Pending Adjustable ejector you now have the ability to adjust the ejector up and down so it can be positioned with the bolt perfectly every time. No more dragging on the bottom side of the bolt causing excessive wear, Perfect ejection every time. The adjustment screw also keeps the ejector nice and tight, wobble free. Materials: -All of the aluminum parts have a Black Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat anodized finish and all of the steel parts have a Mil-Spec Phosphate finish.
1 Metalform 9mm 32rnd mag Retail $49.99 
32 round. The best 9mm AR-15 magazine available today 
All this for only $550 delivered

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