WTS: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo, boxed or linked

Location: Ponderay, ID

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for sale:  Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo. 2 types available.


                2013 Non-corrosive in a 720 rd. cardboard box in 20 rd. boxes  at $.42 per rd.  Total is $302 + shipping  (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) .  Both types have                   steel casings and Berdan primers. 

             Second type is same as above except it is on new NON-disintegrating 50 rd. MG-42/M53 8mm belts for $.42 per rd. plus $11 for each 50  rd. belt with 800 rds. per case to ship via

              UPS or FedEx  plus shipping.  (70 lb. limit per box)  (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) .             



              Email directly to:  FNFAL5042@gmail.com  for questions or more pics.






2013 8mm a.jpg

2013 8mm b.jpg

2013 8mm c.jpg


8mm linked b.jpg

8mm linked a.jpg

Edited by FNFAL50.42
delete 1971 - 1975 mildly corr. in 760 rd. wood boxes, added pics.

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