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Energetic Armament Vox & Nyx mod2

Location: Spring Hill, KS

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We recently received in two of the new Energetic Armament Vox direct tread suppressors and one Energetic Armament Nyx mod2 . These are in stock and ready to transfer out on a Form 3 or Form 4 for Kansas buyers. We efile for fast turn around.

The Vox S suppressor is rated for 300WM and full auto in both 5.56 and 7.62. It comes with a replaceable wipe and only weighs12.4 ounces. Making it a great suppressor for both bolt guns and the AR platform. The two we received are the direct thread model in 5/8x24 but are capable of excepting Dead Air Keymo or Silencerco ASR QD mounts. Cost is $600 plus shipping

The Nyx Mod2 is a all Titanium .22lr suppressor rated for .22lr to 5.7x28. It is a modular can and is capable of being used with only the first half of the suppressor. The weight in full length configuration is 4.15 ounces and only 2.45 ounces in the short length. Cost is $404 plus shipping







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Both Vox's have been sold. The NYX mod 2 is still available.

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