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mike todd

"THOUSAND OAK" SHOOTING" preaching to the choir


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DAMMIT HERE WE GO AGAIN! I cant make myself take the time to read about all these damned things when they first occur  and then later on do a frantic search to gather any details in attempt to get a touch of clarity and learn about the piece of trash perp involved. I AM STARTING TO GET MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE RESPONDING OFFICERS ARE SEEMINGLY MORE CONCERNED WITH KEEPING SAFE RATHER THAN ACTING TO STOP THE BLOODSHED AS SOON AS THEY CAN?  FLORIDA BAR? 20+ minutes WAIT before entering? at thousand oaks ONE OFFICER did exactly what he signed on for , entered apprx 3 minutes after it started ALONE, and was killed performing his duty. the TAC TEAM and other respondents waited 15-MINUTES for the shooting to stop before they attempted entry ? what the hell is their DUTY? go in harms way is what they are paid for ! they get to play hotshot soldiers with all those fancy toys and parade around in those 1/4MIL $ vehicles and then SIT AGAINST A BRICK WALL AND TAPE THE SCREAMS AND SHOTS? HELL NO! they were not drafted or shanghaied, they took the PAY AND POSITION they should TAKE THE RISK! when one falls THEN all the bleeding hearts can have their fancy parade and cry for the camera's. BUT WHEN ONE FALL'S , remember THEY PLEDGED TO PROTECT! not keep safe at all cost's. OF COURSE WE KNOW THE REAL ISSUE!  the perp KNOW's NOBODY INSIDE IS CARRYING IN CALIFORNIA ! and can take his pleasure at his own speed. that's my 10 dollars worth but have thousands more worth about DUTY!

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