WTS: FM-9 Lightning Link Bolt Cut & Setup Service $225 includes 1 paddle

Location: columbus ohio

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Doing bolt weld and cuts for new fm9 uppers use with a registered lightning link. These are really fun to shoot and freedom made a good product.  Also their customer service is very good.  Done several of these so far run 6k rounds through mine no problems.  My Method of welding and cutting bolt allows for use of standard paddles.  Also have it working with the kns protectors.  No shimming rear takedown lug to get it to trip or anything weird like that you might have seen or heard of with other methods and my method leaves as much of original weight to bolt as possible.  However it appears there is a some variance in the rear takedown lug specs from upper to upper.  As such I have found that you need to send the entire upper as the bolt cut is unique to the upper due to take down lug variance.  this is how we avoid use of shims or custom thickness paddles.  It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to make it work with a lightning link reliably. unfourtunatly the bolt is then married to that fm9 upper for LL use, it still will also work in semi of course but not in a Dias or registered receiver.  Due to the time it takes to find the individual sweet spot for tripping the link the cost of  welding, bolt cut and live fire testing service is $225 plus shipping and includes one paddle used with it to testfire the upper before shipment.  Everything is testified before it leaves so if you send me a new upper it will have a minimum of 100 rounds without a hiccup before it leaves with one of out post samples that is a exact copy of the SWD links.  References for fm9 work available.

I also have new fm9's modified for the lightning link for $2120 plus shipping

Or you can have new upper shipped directly to me from Freedom for modification

We also modify regular ar bolts, 9mm colt setups, .45 acp, 7.62x39, and Mgi carriers


John Ciszek 07/SOT



Email or text is best


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