Essential Arms M16 registered receiver conversion

Location: Atlanta

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I'm selling my Essential Arms M16 registered receiver conversion done by Wilson Arms in Brunswick, GA.

I bought this back in 2000, and around '06 or '07 it was sent off to m60joe to bring fully into spec.

It shoots well, though she hasn't done much except sit in my safe for the last several years.  So, it's time to send it to a buyer who will give her the use she deserves to get.

Several years back I did an FOIA request on the receiver so I have its paper trail as a result (though most of it is redacted of course) and will provide it to the buyer.

I took some of these pics on different days, since I normally run it with KNS non-rotating hammer/trigger pins but I figured people would want pics of the receiver without them.

I can provide other pics upon request, and if somebody wants to come out and take a look I'm sure that can be arranged too.

Firearm is on a Form 4 in Georgia.

Price is $16,500, certified funds.

My email address is my first name "Bob" then a period followed by my lastname "LaPierre" at  (no quotes obviously).
You know: but replace firstname and lastname with mine in quotes above.  BTW, I hate having to do stupid stuff like this because of spammers.

Thanks for looking,








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