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So I had 5 hr's to do nothing but wait for my IV bag to finish at the cancer center yesterday. Watched some 3 stooges shorts for about 3 hr's. I grew up on the 3 stooges Little Rascals. Good stuff imo.

I decided to visit the snubguns NFA board (against my better judgement) to see what was for sale and who was selling.

WOW, looks like most of the smaller and private sellers you used to see when Tom owned the place have disappeared. Mostly just 2 sellers now and a few misc.people I'm not familiar with. Anyone else notice this or was this just an anomaly for that week? I've not kept up with this place since the sale. I definitely wouldn't visit the GDB since they, whoever these anonymous, ball-less, pecker-woods are, that found it necessary to ban JJ Werner and just about anyone else they didn't like or had a personal issue with. 

Dumbest thing ever in my opinion. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. That board has absolutely nothing, zero, zip to offer now. Just a bunch of 30 yo soy boys now, that have to check with the few remaining posters how to change a tire, how to change their oil, should I screw my wife's sister...

Mostly about academic stuff that most young boys( at least from my time) were taught by their fathers learning to become men during their adolescence. Pretty funny and yet pathetic to read, how many young men have become nothing but a bunch of female dominated nancy boys with machine guns.

Pretty sad commentary of the state of "maleness" in America!

Werner was a virtual walking encyclopedia of gun knowledge and most especially night vision. If anyone has contact info for JJ please post it. I'd like to get in contact with him again. He would be a real asset for this board.




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R.L. send me an email. RCMoles@Suddenlink.net


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