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SOLD - 60 mm sub-caliber device $200 shipped ...

Location: Steve C North Pole, Alaska

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...from Alaska to the lower 49. This is a French designed sub-caliber device for the 60mm mortar. Wooden transit chest is marked T.R. 54 - A L -  30 / 60. Serial # on chest is 448 as is the base end of device. Inside of lid is a aluminum tag marked Tube Reducteur   modele 54   Andre Losfeld  Tourcoing France. This thing weighs 25 # and with the chest  handles is 37" x 6" x 6" Has a "T" handle cleaning brush and leather cap for the muszzle end. Appears to have been in a mortar, but not fired.  Have pictures if you want to call me at 907-488-6012.  Remember the time difference please.

USPS money order only please and price includes US postal shipping !! Such a deal.

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sold pending funds

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