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Now that Instagram allows you to have several accounts, without having to "hack" the system, I have created an account for Sturmgewehr.

With that in mind, if you have quality photos (that you have the rights to) that you would like to offer up to be shared online, please post them here... The better the shots, the more traffic that will be driven back here, which equals more exposure for the items that you are trying to sell.

So share your shots (and if you are selling an item, let me know it is currently for sale, so I can include that in the post).. I would like to update our feed with 2 quality shots a day... Also keep in mind that quality photos go a long way towards selling your items - so use this as a little extra nudge to spend time taking those shots.




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Followed! Although Instagram is after my time, I managed to get the hang of it and find it to be a great marketing tool....so many great photos posted on here on Sturm of rare firearms...good call on the Instagram Account 


Aaron - Mohnton, Pa 

instagram- @M60_MachineGun


Edited by Aaron in Mohnton Pa
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  Aaron - Mohnton, Pa  |  BeltFeds.Com, LLC / Stryker Defense  |  FFL 07 / 02 SOT 

  Email: Sales@BeltFeds.Com      Phone: 610-983-8257      Website:  https://BeltFeds.Com



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