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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Listed for sale here for $55,000.00 is a brand new and unfired Heckler & Koch (H&K/HK) MP5K-N-PDW machine gun. In its final form it has been kept in a humidity controlled safe to preserve its beauty and functionality.

This firearm began its life as a genuine factory made HK Model SP-89 9mm caliber semi-automatic pistol. It was later converted to an ATF registered short barreled rifle (SBR) by E Law Enforcement Sales of Frankston, TX.

This fine SBR's serial numbered upper receiver was further enhanced and improved to be a near replication of a MP5K-N by Murray Urbach of Urbach Precision Manufacturing Company of Garland, TX. He also perfectly removed its original model number and precisely engraved its current model number. Urbach, now mostly retired, is probably the most well known and best of all HK gunsmiths.

The gun has a three lugged barrel and a 1/2 x 28" threaded muzzle with a thread protector attached that easily enables the attachment of a silencer/suppressor.

The original configured folding stock attached to the gun is manufactured by Choate Machine & Tool Inc. This OEM US based company manufactures these stocks for HK.

For those of us unfamiliar with HK firearms the "K" designation on this rifle means a shortened version of the full size MP5. The "N" means it was specifically designed and ordered for the United States Navy. This machine gun is also known as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). For further information you may want to read Wikipedia's excellent description and history of various versions of HK MP5 type firearms found at Wikipedia - Heckler & Koch MP5

The SBR's trigger mechanism is housed and currently installed in this firearm in what is commonly called a trigger box or pack. It was converted to replicate a factory HK machine gun trigger pack by Tim LaFrance of LaFrance Specialties, another fine and well known HK gunsmith.

This trigger box is registered as well with the ATF as, in essence, a fully automatic select fire machine gun. What makes this pack/box extremely valuable and collectible compared to registered sears or receivers is that it can utilize genuine HK replacement parts and can be transferred to many other HK firearms to allow them to be fired as machine guns.

Finally, what also make this machine gun so exceptional is that this great trigger pack/box is also set up to be select fired in four positions, i.e. SAFE, FIRE, THREE ROUND BURST and FULL AUTO. This four position three round burst configuration also makes the pack very rare. It is housed in an appropriate ambidextrous four position pictographed polymer trigger grip housing lower receiver that is "clipped and pinned".

Included with this firearm is a genuine HK used 30 round magazine.

The successful purchaser of this firearm will be responsible for all NFA tax stamps and shipping costs. And, the only form of payments that can be accepted are USPS money orders or a certified bank check.

If you have any questions or concerns about this sale please call Martin at 214-212-1561 or email me at  I am assisting in the sale of this firearm for my friend, Peter Shin.

Thank you for your time and attention in viewing this sale.

Please click on the link below to view photographs:


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Change to sale, not auction, and added asking price.

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auction ????

there are NO auctions here ........ Edit your post to SHOW your price ....... 


I only accept  PAYPAL  ZELLE or US Postal Money Orders.

Paypal / ZELLE  Required within 24 hours / US Postal Money Orders Required within 5 days

Email me DIRECTLY at

NO PM's or IM's 

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We're newbies, so thank you for letting us know of the needed corrections.

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