WTB- FND receiver pieces

Location: NM

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I know these are hard to find and come by. But someone has some I do know this. So let me bring her back to life In original form. I will make a post sample out of the pieces. 

If you have just a receiver chunck or the entire receiver I can put back together please let me know your price and what you have

I do have a working semi auto version I bought off a gentleman. One of the very few in existsnce. Maybe we could trade or do something. Or I can pay straight cash. 

Anyway let me know what you have. I would like to see this rare rifle put back to the original configuration.  Stop letting the receiver you have collect dust. There are no semi mods being produced. So let me make her original again

please use the PM function


and yes I am an 07/02 SOT. 


Thanks guys and thanks for the great forum. 

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