WTS/North American Arms’ Ranger II Top-Break Revolver 22 Mag/22LR

Location: greer

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SIR, recently you and I got into a "little exchange" concerning the post offering these and the lack of price in the post.  after I week or so has passed, I FEEL COMPELLED TO OFFER YOU AN APOLOGY! no matter my problem it was not the proper place to express my feelings is why I am doing this here. I had spent countless hours trying to buy 2 of these and the MFGR gave me several vendors to try to no avail and became quite upset with the entire process. previously I had visited your home page concerning other product you offered and was unable to locate them or they were out of stock. when I found the post for a product I had been forced to give up on, my  hackles came up and we started and it was NOT GOOD! ithe entire thing kept haunting me every time I relaxed and it grew worse.  I help a lot of folks find things and had recently visited your site with a different attitude and the results were just fine and very professional. SO PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY  thank you MIKE TODD

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I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email        

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