WTB FND conversion to 308 Israeli and 8 mm Mags and Brl.

Location: Pgh PA

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WTB FND conversion to 308 Israeli parts set or Trigger group with spacer. 8 MM Barrel and mags too.

Have nice ZB26 7.62 x 39 parts set to swaps for what I need... Other MG parts too...  Ask...

Thx Charlie


A&O C3


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CHARLIE , I have scrounged FND stuff since the early 60's and bought all the kits and parts from the Lamont estate ,just over 100 kits or so al separated into wooden chests by part. not sure about the grip with spacer. but there were some .308 brls so the grips should be there also. I started sorting but there is so much I quit. I have a LOT ! of everthing , BUT choice wood, most of it is just covered with cosmoline and its very dark!  another gent needs the same as you , so I will try to get back to it and will let you both know what I find. my gun is one of the 12,  FND-A1's in .308 . I mainly shoot it in 8x57 and change the P-grip / Brl and use  30/06 mags which I believe is what the factory shipped with 8mm guns. no worries it works perfectly. if you don't hear from me soon, drop me a direct e-mail and I will let you know. cheers mike

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I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email        

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