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WTS: Post-86 Zastava Machine Guns, $1250 and up

Location: Jonathan @ Sienna Armory in Missouri City, TX

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We have some as-new / surplus Zastava, Serbia / Yugo Post-86 dealer sample machine guns in-bond and ready to be sold.

These models will require a demo letter. 

Payment is NOT required until we file the Form 2 once the gun is out of bond and ready to Form 3 to you.

 - Zastava, Model M70B1, 7.62x39mm - full-size underfolder AK47 variant, includes FOUR (4) 30rd mags, sling, BFA, accessories, and manual. - - $1250 shipped

 - Zastava, Model M72B1, 7.62x39mm - LMG variant of the AK47.  Includes FOUR (4) magazines, sling, cleaning kit, oil can, BFA, Tritium rear sight, drag bag, ammo bag, and manual.  Bipod comes attached to gun.  - - $1750 shipped

 - Zastava, Model M84, 7.62x54R - Zastava, Serbia version of the PKM.  This is the COMPLETE SETUP for a very rare PKM.  Tripod, 250rd drum / belt, 100rd drum / belt, sling, BFA, spare parts, tools, accessories, drag bag, manual, AND SPARE BARREL - - $7000 shipped

You must provide a demo letter and a dealer order letter / purchase order.  I have both of these templates that I will send buyers.

Condition will vary slightly, however, these guns are all surplus / as-new and still in the cosmoline.  

CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424






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