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I'm looking for an M11/9.  I prefer one in PA or Form 3 out of state, and I'm okay with one on a Form 4 out of state.  I understand the process and can handle forms and prints promptly without undue headaches.  Price is negotiable, and I will at least do you the courtesy of responding if you're out of my range.  If any silencers, uppers, mags, stocks, barrels, etc. have to go with it or you'd like to go with it with it let me know, as well as any time crunch (not renewing SOT in July, dissolving LLC, etc).  Surprises are fun, expensive surprises are not.  I'm fine with Form 4 from an estate.  An ideal situation would be an upperless frame, Form 4 PA or Form 3.  If we come to an agreement I can have a check and bill of sale out same day.


Please drop a PM with what you have.  If you find it more convenient to continue by phone or email by all means leave a number/address.

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