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HK UMP .357 Sig SBR

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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Up for sale we have a new HK USC that was converted over to UMP configuration in .357 Sig.  We are the only company that offers the UMP .357 Sig conversion and it runs 100%.  We use all factory HK components for the conversion and a custom .357 Sig barrel.  This particular conversion was done with a HDPS stock block and finished by Tom Bostic. Tom opened the ejection port to current factory specs, added the stock hook, and remarked the gun UMP.  We also have other receivers that have been fused with the rear end of a UMP.  If you would like to upgrade. 

We also have factory HK UMP conversions in stock.  Barrels, Bolts, ect.  So you can take advantage of the UMPs versatility. In minutes with minimal tools you can change this gun from 45acp to 40 S&W  to 9mm and over to one of our favorites and ACME exclusives .357 Sig.  We have everything in stock and ready to go.  just let us know what calibers you are interested in or if there is something you want for your dream UMP.  We can make it for you.


The firearm is in stock on a form 3 in Nashville, TN.

We accept Money Order, Check, or Credit Cards with an additional 3.5% charge.

We offer a 24hour visual only inspection of the item to verify that it is as described.

We ship FedEx ground, but we can upgrade the shipping if the item is needed sooner for an additional charge.

ACME ORUZHIYE is top dealer for Transferable Machine Guns and Pre May Dealer Samples in the Nashville Area. If there is something that you are having trouble finding, reach out to us. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you! We also buy Transferable machine guns, single pieces all the way up to large collections.

If you have any questions just email us at acme.oruzhiye(Remove This)

$3550 Shipped

$300 for HK factory .40 S&W barrel with purchase of .357 sig UMP





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Are you guys still selling .357 sig conversions for UMPs?

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Do you have a .45 ACP fused receiver SBR?

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