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Up for sale is a Colt XM177 Commando. It is a model 619. This one is Marked Commando. This XM177 rifle was made during the Vietnam war around 1970. Fit and finish on this Machine Gun is Excellent this would be hard to upgrade.
 This is a rare MG and only comes up every 2 to 3 years. Also to have one in a test fired only condition is even rarer. The Moderator is in excellent condition. This was serial numbered by the NFA in 1975. This is on a form 3 and will go out on E form in one or two days.  Thomas Earl Stewart SOT since 2000 You can call me at 602-763-8867 for more info.

toms stuff 507.jpg

toms stuff 508.jpg

toms stuff 509.jpg

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